Offer Instant Financing Options To Your Customers, No Matter Their Credit Scores

OperandiTM Financing gives contractors the ability to offer financing options for customers not able to pay the high cost associated with emergency home repairs.

OperandiTM Financing (or “OperandiFi”) is the most powerful, easy-to-use financing tool available for service companies to offer their customers financing options. Let’s face it, most households are not prepared to pay the high cost associated with emergency home repairs. With OperandiFi you can help your customers overcome the biggest obstacle to home repairs, resulting in an increase in your company’s bottom line and more happy, loyal customers.
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Fast, Easy & Secure

Powered by cloud-based artificial intelligence, the process is as simple as using a search engine. In a matter of seconds, it provides the best financing solutions for your customer.

Consumer Friendly

There are lending options for most credit types,
(sub- to super-prime rates) and a wide range of project sizes from $500 up to $400,000!!

Lender Incentivized

Nearly 400 lenders will compete for your customers' business & let them know if they are approved in under 3 minutes.